Can a lumber back brace be used with patches?

This is a great question we received via email:

I have one of your Probacks and I love it. But can I use it with a patch, like Imbue?

Let’s tease this question apart a bit before answering it.

lumbar back brace

The best lumbar back brace available?

The Proback lumbar back brace is, in our humble opinion, the nest back support available?


Because it’s not just a big elastic rubber band that winds around your torso.

Nor is it a huge, heavy, plastic and rubber contraption that is expensive, heavy, and of questionable value.

Rather, the Proback is designed to apply pressure and support right where it’s needed.

So you can shift and “point” the support to apply pressure exactly where it’s needed.

Those rubber bands just apply pressure all around your entire torso. The pressure is not focused, so they just don’t work very well.

Ever wonder why those other supports are so cheap? That’s why. They’re just elastic bands with no thought given to how they can provide support, relax back spasms, and relieve back pain.

OK, so now let’s answer the question regarding patches.

Briefly, back pain patches are a great way to safely deliver pain-fighting medicines right to the area of the back where they are needed. We’ve written at length about the different types of back pain patches available.

So can you use a Proback and a back pain patch?

We do not recommend using these together, for two reasons.

1. The extra layer (formed by the patch) may interfere with the BioDome on the back of the Proback. This is also why we don not recommend wearing the Proback over a thick sweater. The Proback works best if there is a single layer of clothing between the skin and the back support, like a t-shirt.

2. The pressure on the patch from the Proback may cause medicine to leak or be squeezed out of the patch. This is not harmful by itself, but it might cause some minor issues, like getting patch adhesive or medicine onto your clothes.

So, there is the answer to the question. If you want to use patches, use them when you’re not wearing the Proback lumbar back brace.