Can a lumber back brace be used with patches?

This is a great question we received via email:

I have one of your Probacks and I love it. But can I use it with a patch, like Imbue?

Let’s tease this question apart a bit before answering it.

lumbar back brace

The best lumbar back brace available?

The Proback lumbar back brace is, in our humble opinion, the nest back support available?


Because it’s not just a big elastic rubber band that winds around your torso.

Nor is it a huge, heavy, plastic and rubber contraption that is expensive, heavy, and of questionable value.

Rather, the Proback is designed to apply pressure and support right where it’s needed.

So you can shift and “point” the support to apply pressure exactly where it’s needed.

Those rubber bands just apply pressure all around your entire torso. The pressure is not focused, so they just don’t work very well.

Ever wonder why those other supports are so cheap? That’s why. They’re just elastic bands with no thought given to how they can provide support, relax back spasms, and relieve back pain.

OK, so now let’s answer the question regarding patches.

Briefly, back pain patches are a great way to safely deliver pain-fighting medicines right to the area of the back where they are needed. We’ve written at length about the different types of back pain patches available.

So can you use a Proback and a back pain patch?

We do not recommend using these together, for two reasons.

1. The extra layer (formed by the patch) may interfere with the BioDome on the back of the Proback. This is also why we don not recommend wearing the Proback over a thick sweater. The Proback works best if there is a single layer of clothing between the skin and the back support, like a t-shirt.

2. The pressure on the patch from the Proback may cause medicine to leak or be squeezed out of the patch. This is not harmful by itself, but it might cause some minor issues, like getting patch adhesive or medicine onto your clothes.

So, there is the answer to the question. If you want to use patches, use them when you’re not wearing the Proback lumbar back brace.


What are some good pain patches for back pain?

Buying back pain patches can be very confusing exercise. Many of them claim to relieve back pain quickly and easily, with no side effects.

If only life were that easy!

Medicated patches for back pain basically come in two different types.

The first are the so called “Hot” patches.

These patches are loaded with capsicum, the substance in hot peppers which gives them their spicy heat.

When capsicum is applied to a painful back in the form of a patch, the capsicum “irritates” a set of nerves in the skin which are responsible for reversing the flow of pain sensations back from the painful are towards the spine.

This is exactly how pain relief is supposed to work.

Hot patches work well for many kinds of pain.

Hot patches work well for many kinds of pain.

We carry Salonpas Hot patches, and we like them for three reasons.

First, they contain a high percentage of capsicum, which means they last for hours.

Second, they can be easily cut for use on painful elbows, knees, and wrists. One patch can be cut in half, and each half can be applied to each side of a painful hip (say, the front and back).

Third, they are very inexpensive!

When would you use a hot patch?

Basically, any time your pain responds to warmth, such as the warmth from a heating pad, then a hot patch might work for you.

But even if you’re not sure, these patches are so safe and so inexpensive that grabbing a and trying a few for a few days could be a good investment.

So the hot patch is the first type of back pain patch. The second type is the medicated patch.

The medicated patches have some sort of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory in the patch. Prescription medicated patches, for example, have diclofenac.

The non-prescription patch we like is called Imbue.

Patches for back pain

We like these too…

Imbue contains methyl salicylate, which is a form of aspirin.

It’s a terrific pain reliever which also fights inflammation.

So because it’s anti-inflammatory, Imbue can work well for pain due to inflammation, such as pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even sciatica.

But, the real “secret” with Imbue is that is also contains menthol, an excellent pain reliever found in many pain relieving gels and roll ons, such as BioFreeze and Sombra.

When would you use Imbue?

Imbue works great for pain caused by inflammation. So any of the conditions mentioned above could be good targets for Imbue.

Plus, some folks do not like the sensation from the capsaicin patches. In that case, Imbue is a very good option.

The only time you would NOT use Imbue is if you are allergic to aspirin, or if you are taking anticoagulants which can interact with aspirin. If you’re taking an anticoagulant, check with your doctor before using Imbue.

Both Imbue and Salonpas HOT are excellent alternatives to dangerous prescription NSAIDS, as we’ve discussed previously.

In fact, while prescription and over-the-counter pain pills have warnings limiting their use, no such warnings are needed for either of these two products.

Lastly, both products can be used without worrying about their possibly upsetting your stomach. Since you’re not swallowing the medicine, it can’t upset your stomach!

So if you have back pain, sciatica, arthritis, or any other form of pain. Or if you’re a weekend warrior who needs a little help

Day after marathon #recovery #secret #salonpas

Day after marathon recovery secret: patches (Photo credit: reflexblue)

recovering from the weekend tennis match, try either of these products…today!

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Back pain? Try one of these before popping pills

Sure, it’s easy to pop a few pills when your back acts up. But prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers are not a good

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Are you sure you want to pop those pills?

long-term solution. These drugs, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and diclofenac, have three groups of side effects:

Stomach – All of these drugs can cause stomach bleeds, indigestion, and ulcers.

Cardiovascular – Long-term use of these drugs is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events, such as stroke.

Renal – Our kidneys are especially susceptible to damage from the chronic use of these drugs.

Please consider non-drug approaches to treat you back pain, such as back pain patches, lumbar supports for your chairs, and wearable supports like the Proback.

Your back (and stomach) will thank you!

How to treat fibromyalgia back pain

Fibromyalgia is painful enough as it is. But back pain, especially lower back pain, can be especially

Fibromyalgia Back pain

This poor fellow needs a patch! (Photo credit: RedKoala1)


If you have fibromyalgia, and back pain is one of your major symptoms, then here are a few tips and ideas for dealing with it:

Stretching and Exercise – It’s generally not a good idea to suddenly start an aggressive exercise program, such as running. Slow, gentle stretching exercises are the best way to start dealing with fibromyalgia back pain. A few ideas include curls, body extensions, and arm/leg extensions.

Yoga and Tai Chi can also be good ways to gently stretch and exercise the lower back. We’d also recommend various back stretching devices to make sure your back and spine are properly aligned when stretching to avoid injury. 

Heat – Heating pads, especially moist heating pads, are a great way to achieve temporary back pain relief. Why moist heating pads? These heating pads grab moisture from the air, resulting in a moist heat being applied to the skin. This not only feels better than a dry heat, but it also helps prevent the skin from drying out. 

Pain Patches – We think pain patches are widely underutilized by patients suffering from fibromyalgia back pain. It’s a real shame because patches work well, and they’re far safer than taking oral pain killers. Plus, you can apply a pain patch prior to exercise, prior to sitting in the office chair all day, or prior to any activity which you know will aggravate your fibromyalgia back pain.

We happen to like Imbue, but there may be other options. Just note that Imbue patches should not be used if you are allergic to aspirin. 

Natural Anti-Inflammatories – Fibromyalgia is basically an inflammatory disease. So anti-inflammatories make a great deal of sense. However, prescription anti-inflammatories for pain are known to have major side effects. We recommend two products.

The first is Traumeel tablets. Traumeel is a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory which is perfect for when you need pain relief right now.

However, to really fight the inflammation, Longvida RD is a good option. Longvida RD contains curcumin in a special formula which gets more inflammation-fighting curcumin into your system. 

Whether you choose Traumeel or Longvida RD, we recommend using them for a month or so before deciding whether or not the product is good for you. This is especially true for Londvida RD, which can take some time to extinguish the inflammation your body is experiencing. 

In summary, fibromyalgia back pain is a challenging condition to treat. While these methods and product all work well, they still require some trial and error on your part. So don’t give up, be patient, and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit until you find the relief you’re looking for!