Is curcumin purity important?

Here’s another great question:

How important is it for the curcumin in my supplement to be pure?

So let’s take this question apart a bit and address it.

English: Curcumin Polski: Kurkumina

Purity is important, but there is more to it than that.

First, all dietary supplements should be as pure and as a high a quality as possible. That’s a given.

It’s also why we recommend sticking with good brands, like Douglas Labs (our personal favorite). They go through great lengths to make sure all of their supplements are pure, of high quality, and manufactured under strict controls.

They may cost a little more, but they’re worth it.

It’s troubling when we see people buying bottles of 1000 fish oil capsules in those big box stores. Those box stores can’t afford to sell many products at a high price. So they sacrifice quality in exchange for offering us low prices.

So we can’t expect those mega bottles of supplements to have the quality and purity that we want or need.

The analogy we like to use is that of coffee. Buy a 10 pound bag of generic coffee and see if it tastes as good as a small bag from a top national brand, or even your local roaster. It won’t!

As for curcumin, yes, purity is important.

But there is something that’s just as important as purity…

You see, curcumin is a difficult substance to get into our systems.

For example, if you take pure curcumin and stuff it into a simple capsule, with nothing else, then only a small percentage of that curcumin will actually get absorbed. The rest will be excreted in our stool….which is useless!

Good curcumin supplements, like our Longvida, have extra ingredients necessary to dissolve curcumin, so that more curcumin gets into our circulation.

More curcumin in our circulation equals a better chance of it actually working to reduce inflammation and pain.

This is also why sprinkling a little curcumin into our food or as a tea won’t bring much benefit.

So is curcumin purity important?


But there’s more to it than that!