Melatonin not working for you? Here’s the reason why.

Lots of folks use melatonin as a sleep aid. And why not? It’s natural, safe, and it works well.

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Can this help you sleep?  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, many folks have not been successful with melatonin.

Why is that?

Why is it that some folks respond well to melatonin, while other don’t?

There are two reason for this.

First, the reality is that we all react differently to supplements and medications.

So even though our brains normally secrete melatonin, there will still be differences in how we respond to melatonin as a supplement.

But, there is a second, critical reason for this…it’s called bioavailability.

Bioavailability is a fancy term for the amount of melatonin that gets out of the pill and into the circulation.

So if you swallow a tablet with 1 milligram of melatonin, usually a fraction of that 1 milligram actually gets into your system.

If that fraction, or bioavailability is very low, then it simply won’t work well.

Now there are many reasons why bioavailability is low, but the manufacturing process used to make the tablet can be a huge factor.

For example, if a tablet is compressed with excessive force, then the tablet will have difficulty dissolving in the stomach.

Again, this is why a sublingual melatonin tablet makes so much sense.

And by the way, don’t let the price dictate your buying decision! Saving a buck or two is not worth it when you’re trying to get some sleep.