Treat Fibromyalgia Joint Pain The Natural Way

There are plenty of prescription pain killers that work against joint pain, no matter what the underlying cause of


They work, but are they safe?

that pain is.

So arthritis sufferers, fibromyalgia patients, and others with joint pain routinely take over-the-counter and prescription pain medicines, such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, and naproxen.

But, as we’ve discussed many times before, these pain drugs are fraught with side effects. In fact, there are three broad groups of side effects that these medicines have:

Stomach and Gastrointestinal Side Effects – These are very common in patients who take these types of drugs. In fact, folks with a past history of ulcers or GI bleeds are not supposed to take these medicines.

Renal/Kidney Effects – These drugs are not friendly to our kidneys. Some of the older pain medicines, such as indomethacin, are notorious for causing mold to moderate renal disease.

Cardiovascular – Lastly, these drugs can cause a number of cardiovascular side effects and events.

What are the options?

In  disease like fibromyalgia, taking these medicines is unavoidable for many folks. However, there are natural products which can help reduce the amount of prescription pain medicines that are needed. Here are three suggestions:

Traumeel – Traumeel is a natural anti-inflammatory that is used widely across Europe. Many Olympic and sports teams use Traumeel because it’s safe, all-natural, and with no known side effects. In fact, it’s safe enough to give to children.

Imbue – It’s unfortunate that so many folks think of back pain when it comes to Imbue. They can be used for many other types of pain. For example, Imbue patches can be cut in half and placed over each knee. Or, each half can be placed on each shoulder blade.

Longvida RD – Longvida is a very popular anti-inflammatory product that contains curcumin. While it won’t relieve the pain right away, taking Longvida once a day over a period of several weeks can reduce the inflammation that’s causing the joint pain.

So here you have it. Three natural options to those dangerous prescription pain killers. What are your approaches for dealing with fibromyalgia joint pain? Please share them with us!