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We continue to expand our resources and products for fibromyalgia.

Natural fibromyalgia treatments

Fibromyalgia resources at

Here are a few links for you:

This article focuses on natural treatment options for fibromyalgia. As we emphasize, the choice of treatment will largely depend on the symptoms you are experiencing. There is no magic cure for fibromyalgia!

Do you prefer a video instead? OK. We have one for you!

Fibromyalgia is somewhat unique in that different patients can have very different symptoms and problems. Some can’t sleep, while others have difficulty with pain; yet others have trouble mainly with their stomach.

We have articles and ideas for each of these.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different treatments, depending on your symptoms. Start slowly with one approach, then add and adjust as needed.

This is one of the great things about using natural approaches…they’re so safe that you can mix and match as needed.

You may not be able to do that with your prescription drugs!


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