What’s New?


WisdomAndHealth is busy

We’ve been busy!

We have a lot going on at WisdomAndHealth. So, to bring you up to speed:

Fibromyalgia – We’ve expanded and reorganized our collection of products for fibromyalgia. Critically, we organize our products by symptom. We don’t make crazy promises like “Cure your fibromyalgia in 7 days!” Instead, we offer you safe, all-natural ways to make you more comfortable. So if fibromyalgia is causing fatigue and insomnia, or if pain is the issue, we have sections of the store specifically for you.

You can also watch our video or read our article on natural fibromyalgia treatments.

Skin Care – We like shea butter, but we had a difficult time finding a product that wasn’t loaded with artificial dyes and perfumes. Then we came across the Bon Vital product, and we love it. (So do you, apparently!).

We’re working on a new acne product from Australia that is simply incredible. Look for that product very soon!

Shoulder Care – We have a lot going on in shoulder care! For example, these cold compression wraps are high quality wraps that provide both compression and cold. They’re also available for the knee, the ankle, and the lower back.

Can’t Sleep? – Have you seen the prices for new mattresses lately?! It’s alarming that you need to spend hundreds of dollars for a new mattress. Try a new pillow instead! They’re very affordable, and you might be able to keep your mattress after all!

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