Link between gut bacteria and cardiovascular disease

Yesterday a fascinating article was published on the role gut bacteria can play in cholesterol control and cardiovascular disease:

Support bacteria - they are the only culture s...

These little guys might help us lower cholesterol and reduce our risk of heart disease. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, recently published a study that found cholesterol metabolism to be regulated by bacteria in the small intestine—findings they believe could be important for the development of new drugs for cardiovascular disease….

“If future research can identify the specific bacteria that affect FXR signaling in the gut, this could lead to new ways to treat diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Bäckhed.

From what we can tell, it sounds like the researchers are finding that normal bacteria in the gut can reduce the amount of bile acids our body makes. Bile acids, of course, are made from cholesterol.

So if researchers can find a way to accelerate this process, then our own gut bacteria can eliminate excess cholesterol!

Fascinating stuff.

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