Buying a new mattress? Try a new pillow instead.

Have you seen the prices for new mattresses lately?

Cost of a new mattress

Can’t sleep? A mattress might help, but they are expensive!


$2000 for a mattress!?

Sure, a mattress might help you sleep better.


  • Mattresses are very expensive
  • Only the most expensive ones are adjustable
  • A new mattress will not help you with migraine headaches, hot flashes, neck pain, shoulder pain, or headaches

So, before you start shopping for a new mattress, try a new pillow instead!

A good pillow is only $50-$100, and it will last for years.

Plus, pillows can solve many of the health problems that mattresses simply can’t.

For example:

  • Air pillows and water pillows are fully adjustable. So you can make these pillows as soft or as firm as you want. 
  • Need neck support? A good neck pillow will provide the head and neck support you need. Try getting good neck support from your mattress!

Plus, you can get travel-sized pillows to take with you. Try carrying your fancy new mattress onto an airplane!