Tip for dealing with dry arthritic hands

Old Goat Roll on

Old Goat is a pain reliever and a great moisturizer!

Here in snowy New York, dry hands are very common in the winter. But so is arthritis! To deal with both at the same time, we recommend two products:

Old Goat – We’ve talked about Old Goat as a pain reliever before. But it’s also a great moisturizer! With the roll on, I like to rub a little Old Goat on a few of the knuckles of my left hand. Then, I take the oil that’s on my hands and rub it into the rest of my hands. After a few minutes, my hands feel warm, thanks to the natural pain relievers in the product. But in addition, my hands are much softer, without the drying and cracking that’s so common in winter.

Epsom It – Would you prefer a lotion instead of an oil? Then try Epsom It. This lotion has epsom salts for pain relief. Plus, it has a touch of capsaicin for that warming pain relief that only capsaicin can provide.



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