The Best Back Support for Golf

Here in New York, it’s a balmy 22 Degrees, with heaps of snow everywhere.

Grand Cayman Golf

Maybe it looks like this where you are…

So now if the perfect time for golf!

That’s right. Golf.

We typically start playing in March, but now is the perfect time to start getting ready for golf season. There are plenty of indoor driving ranges around, and golf lessons during the winter are cheap. So dust off the clubs, grab a bucket of balls, and get going!

Oh, wait. Your back is bothering you?

No problem…grab a Proback back support.

The Proback is the ONLY back support that you can use on the golf course. In the video, we take the Proback apart and show you why this is true.

You’ll immediately notice that the Proback is not some huge rubber band that will restrict your swing.


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