Webinar: What your doctor won’t tell you about enzymes

There’s a potentially interesting webinar next week on enzymes. More information is available here (LINK). Here is a description of the webinar:

Dr. Paul Nemiroff, PhD, MD, FACS reveals what your doctor doesn’t know about enzymes…

  • Why aren’t most medical doctors aware of the benefits of supplemental enzymes?
  • Are there secret conspiracies as to why most physicians don’t recommend or discuss the usefulness of supplement enzymes?
  • What are enzymes exactly and how might they support optimum nutrition vs. just average nutrition?
  • Role of enzymes in digestion/ Problems with enzyme deficient foods and stress
  • Specific areas where enzymes can support your health….dairy intolerances, potential problems with gluten, and can they play a role in supporting your body’s natural healing system…

Dr. Nemiroff explains that modern doctors are not taught about alternative therapies and lack knowledge regarding the benefits of nutritional supplements including enzymes. The modern medical philosophy is to treat disease not to necessarily maintain wellness.




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