The Best Workout App EVER

At WisdomAndHealth, we’re big fans of simple, effective work out practices. We think that simple, at-home workouts that do not require expensive equipment or gym memberships are a great (and simple) way to get fit and stay fit.

Having said this, we recently started using Sworkit, a simple, but amazingly effective app that guides you through circuit training routines. It’s available from

Basically, the app quickly takes you through various exercises, performing each one for 30 seconds, before moving you onto the next one.

We’ve been using it on our iPhone, and it’s terrific. We recommend getting the Pro version (only $0.99!) so that you can insert a 5 second pause in between exercises. This way you can set up properly as you go from one exercise to another.

An ingenious idea is the inclusion of short videos demonstrating each exercise. So if you don’t know what “Supermans” are, the video will show you how to do them.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive guide to at-home (or at work) circuit training, we highly recommend Sworkit.