Cost of Pain Patches

We’ve been performing some price comparisons for our Imbue patches compared to others that are on the market, specifically the

prescription pain patches. Here’s what we’ve learned:

Back Pain Patch

Prescription pain patches are expensive! We were especially surprised to see Flector costing over $7 per patch. Wow!

For $7, you can get 2 Imbue patches and still have money left over for a cup of coffee.

Now we’re not saying an Imbue back pain patch is better or worse than the prescription products. In fact, it may depend more on the type of back pain than anything else.

But certainly, if you are considering using Flector patches, then Imbue is a great alternative for you. They’re certainly less expensive, and they will likely work just as well as Flector.

However, if you’re looking for a safe, inexpensive, effective alternative to the prescription products, then Imbue is a great option for you.