New Pillow Suggestions

This gift-giving time of year is perfect to give someone you care for the gift of better sleep.

Having trouble sleeping? A new pillow can help!

The easiest way to do this is with a new pillow. But which one? Here are a few suggestions:

Overall comfort – A water pillow is by far the best choice if you’re looking for a better pillow. They are fully adjustable by adding or removing water.

So even the pickiest of sleepers can find a pillow “setting” that’s just right.

We have a short video that gives more information on the best water pillow on the market today.

Neck pain – There are many causes of neck pain. So a pillow may not “cure” whatever condition is causing the neck pain. However, an uncomfortable pillow can make things worse!

For neck pain, we have two recommendations. First, if the adjustability of a water pillow is desired, check out this water pillow with a built-in neck support. The water pillow portion means that it’s fully adjustable, while the neck support can help relieve neck pain.

Another option for neck pain is this foam pillow. This is perfect for supporting the head and neck in the right position to help those neck muscles relax.

Travelers – Have you ever stayed at a hotel where the pillows were cheap, flat, and very uncomfortable?

A better option is to grab one of these comfortable travel-sized water pillows.

Bring the empty pillow with you, then use the coffee carafe in your hotel room to fill the pillow with water. Once you’re ready to come home, simply empty the pillow and toss it back into your suitcase.

Sleeping on the plane? Ask a flight attendant if you can borrow a water pitcher to fill the pillow up. It’s much more comfortable than those cheap foam semi-circles that you find in the airport.

And forget about those paper-thin pillows the airlines provide. They’re awful!

Hot Flashes – Can a pillow help you deal with uncomfortable hot flashes at night? This pillow can. This pillow is made with a special material that dissipates heat, resulting in a surface that always stays cool, even when you are warm.

This means that you’ll sleep better!

We hope these suggestions are helpful!