It’s Friday, and that means…

Friday’s for us is a day set aside to perform a variety of routine administrative tasks, like accounting, payroll, inventory, etc.

Today we’re restocking on a few of our most popular products, such as our Chiroflow Water Pillows, our Convoluted Donut Pillows, and our Imbue Patches. We also re-stocked on Sombra Warm and BioFreeze.

As we were re-stocking our shelves, it occurred to us that what we offer most of all is comfort. Not the kind of comfort you’ll find in a warm blanket or in the hug from a loved one. But the comfort that comes from resting your head on a comfortable pillow, while the pain in your hip or knee is fading away because

Comfort Food:D

We don’t sell comfort food, but there are other sources of comfort.

you just applied one of our pain relievers.

So, are you feeling uncomfortable?

Try some of our products, and start feeling more comfortable today!