Water Pillow FAQ & the Water Pillow Advantage


Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable

This can help you sleep better.

We frequently get a lot of questions about our Chiroflow Neck Pillow and our Core Deluxe water pillow.

In this post, we’ve gathered the most common questions which we’ve received. Of course, if you have more, please send them to us at sales@wisdomandhealth.com.

Now, on to the questions:

Are water pillows comfortable?

You bet. These pillows have a layer of super soft fiber which floats over the top of the water later, providing incredible comfort. You then add as much or as little water to make the pillow as firm or as soft as you want.

Are water pillows cold?

No. If anything, the water acts as an insulator, warming during the night to provide an even temperature while you sleep.

How long can I leave the water in my pillow?

We recommend changing the water once a year. The empty pillow can be washed, so an annual washing is a good time to empty the pillow and change the water. See the instructions for instructions on how to wash the pillow.

Could the pillow burst while sleeping?

No. Water pillows are incredibly strong. The bladder which holds the water is tough and pliable, and should last for years under normal use. The only risk to the pillow is a friendly pet with sharp claws!

What size pillow case should I get?

You won’t need to run out and buy special pillow cases for your water pillow. These water pillows take standard pillow cases.

Are these pillows heavy?

These pillows can weigh 8-12 pounds, depending on the amount of water used. While heavy, the weight means that the pillow stays put, and wont’ slide around while you sleep. This way, your head remains cradled in place all night, leading to more comfortable and deeper sleep.

How can I take this on vacation with me? I don’t want to empty it and refill it while I’m on the road.

Get a travel size water pillow! The travel size can easily fit in a suitcase or even a carry on. Once at your location, you can easily fill it, use it, then empty it for the return trip. One customer of ours actually filled his water pillow on an airplane for an overnight flight! He just borrowed a pitcher from a flight attendant and filled it in the lavatory. Smart!

So what’s the chiropractic water pillow advantage?

Simple. You get a pillow that is completely customizable, completely comfortable, and completely able to relieve your morning headaches, neck pain, and poor sleep. Plus, the travel size means you’re never without a water pillow. 


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