CoQ10 and Statins: How much should I take?

“How much CoQ 10 should I take with my statin?”

Structure of ubiquinone (coenzyme Q, CoQ)

How much of this should I take?

We get this question a lot.

First, let’s set aside this question of whether you should or should not take CoQ10 with statins.

There is no question that all statin patients should take a high-quality CoQ10 supplement.

The proof in animal experiments and human trials is pretty clear. As a quick example, this study in mice concluded:

Atorvastatin decreased exercise endurance in mice through mitochondrial dysfunction due to ubiquinone deficiency. Ubiquinone supplementation with coenzyme Q(10) could reverse atorvastatin-related mitochondrial dysfunction and decrease in exercise tolerance.

In both adults and kids, the relationship between statins and reduced coenzyme Q 10 (or ubiquinone) is also clear. For example, in kids with genetically high levels of cholesterol who are on statins experienced:

…a significant decrease in cellular…CoQ10 status…

 The literature on this topic seems endless! Here is another study coming to the exact same conclusion:

Many studies confirmed the relationship between statin therapy and lower plasma ubiquinone level.

And on and on and on…

So there is no question that if you are on a statin, you should be taking a high quality coenzyme Q 10 supplement.

The CoQ10 supplement will make up for the coenzyme Q 10 that your body is not making, because it’s being blocked by the statin.

You can learn more about how statins block our body’s ability to make coenzyme Q 10 in this video

But, how much CoQ10 should you take? What is the CoQ10 dose that I should take with my statin?

Well, that’s a different, and much more complicated matter.

First, not all CoQ10 supplements deliver the same amount of CoQ10 into our circulation.

It so happens that coenzyme Q 10, especially in its most active ubiquinol form, is difficult to get into our circulation from taking an oral pill.

(This assumes that the supplement has ubiquinol, and not its less active cousins ubiquinone, and semiquinone).

Regardless, let’s assume that your CoQ10 supplement has ubiquinone, the active form of CoQ10 that you need.

For most ubiquinol supplement, only a fraction of the amount in the pill gets into the circulation.

So, good ubiquinol supplements have special formulas to maximize the amount of ubiquinol that gets out of the pill and into the circulation.

Now some products get around this problem by recommending that you take 3-4 capsules a day. But seriously, who wants to do that?

So, how much CoQ10 should you take if you’re on a statin?

The answer most clinical researchers recommend is ~100-200 milligrams per day. For example, as is recommended by University of Maryland Medical Center physicians.

But, again, it really depends on the quality and the formula used.

If you take 100 milligrams of pure ubiquinol packed into a simple capsule, the actual amount that gets absorbed into the circulation will be minimal…so that’s a waste of money, and the problem of fatigue from the statin is still there!

Part of the reason why we’re so keen on our Ubiquinol-QH product is that this formula is perfect for maximizing the amount of coenzyme Q that gets out of the capsule and into your circulation.

So the dose with Ubiquinol-QH is only one 100 mg capsule a day. That’s it!

So, if you’ve been feeling tired ever since you started taking your statin, then definitely start taking coenzyme q 10 supplements.

But don’t just take any one! Look for one that can be taken once a day, at a dose of 100 milligrams, and that is affordable.

We think Ubiquinol-QH fits the bill.

So, do check it out today!

Still not convinced?

Watch our video where we discuss this in more detail: