The Lumbar Support for Lower Back Pain

Our previous post focused on back pain patches to relieve pain. These patches are not only for back pain! They can be used for pain in any number of areas, such as the knee, elbow, and shoulder.

Today, we want to talk about the second category of natural ways to relieve back pain: Lumbar Supports. But first, some anatomy!

Lumbar Region

The Lumbar Region is the inward curvature of the lower back, above your waistline. Is is the stretch of your spinal column

In anatomy, lumbar is an adjective that means ...

The Lumbar Region

above the pelvis and below the diaphragm. The lumbar region bears a lot of a person’s weight. It also acts as a pivot for an incredible range of motion.

Unfortunately, it is in this lumbar region where many of us suffer from lower back pain.

Source of Lower Back Pain

When someone complains of lower back pain, what exactly is it that hurts?

The most common issue is a strain in a muscle in this lumbar region. these muscles are susceptible to strains and injuries because:

  • We rarely exercise them
  • We sit or stand in positions that encourage these muscles to tighten
  • We only use them occasionally, and usually to lift something heavy

In other words, a lack of exercise, coupled with poor posture, makes these lower back muscles in the lumbar region susceptible to injury.

What is the role of a back support?

A lumbar support, or lower back support, encourages us to sit in a proper position, maintaining our posture. This means that the muscles in the lumbar area are not stretched or compressed in an unnatural way. If anything they can relax, which could then bring relief for lower back pain.

The lower back support is also a good compliment to other therapies, such as back pain patches, topical pain relievers, heating pads, and the like.

Should I buy a support, or a chair with a built-in lumbar support?

This is actually controversial. There are many companies that sell lumbar support chairs. However, very few of them are effective because they are poorly designed, difficult to adjust, and downright uncomfortable.

This is why we recommend using a chair without a lumbar support built in. Instead, buy a separate lumbar support that you can adjust freely to your liking and to your needs.

Putting it another way…that office chair was designed for any adult who sits in it. Unless it is fully and completely adjustable, it will be difficult to get that built-in lumbar support exactly how you want or need. So if you are suffering from (or even concerned) about lower back pain, the external lumbar support is the way to go.

There are other reasons why a separate lumbar support makes sense:

  • They’re cheaper than chairs
  • They are fully adjustable to your needs
  • You can carry it back and forth between the home and office


Lower back pain is a complex problem that affects millions of Americans. When the cause is muscle strain, lumbar supports are an excellent way to help relax those muscles and prevent future problems.


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