Before, or After?


Should you apply your topical pain reliever before you exercise? 

There is a growing consensus that pain relievers like BioFreeze and Sombra should be applied before

exercise, especially when the exercise ( and the after-exercise pain) are routine.

So, for example, if you know you will have some pain and discomfort in your knees from jogging, then it may be useful to apply some pain reliever before your run, then again after your run. 

This concept makes a lot of sense. In fact, this same idea has been tried with certain kinds of knee    


Did you treat those knees and ankles before stepping outside?

surgery, where steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs are flushed through the knee during surgery to

reduce the inflammation that will undoubtably appear afterwards. 

So, give those knees a pre-run dose of BioFreeze or Sombra, and see if that

helps reduce your post-exercise pain and speed your recovery. 




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