Our Coenzyme Q 10 is expensive. Here’s why.

Let’s cut to the chase…our Ubiquinol QH brand of coenzyme Q 10 seems expensive. (It really isn’t. But more on this later). 

So why should you spend more on our brand and not on one-off the shelf at a supermarket or a discount store? 

Simple. It’s got to get into your system for it to work.

Coenzyme q 10 is a tricky substance to work with. You can’t simply pack it into a capsule and expect it to be absorbed into your system. It needs help. Some recommend taking it with a fatty meal, but if you have high cholesterol, should you really be eating fatty meals?

I don’t think so. 

Our Ubiquinol-QH contains coenzyme Q 10 formulated with VesiSorb, a special technology which helps get molecules like coenzyme Q 10 across the intestinal wall and into the circulation, where it can provide the benefit. 

The cheap-o brands that you can buy by the thousand don’t have this type of technology. So while you may have saved

Not the place to buy your supplements…

a little money, that brand may not help because the coenzyme q 10 is not getting into your system! 

So is it expensive? Not really. 

A bottle of 60 capsules costs $1.43 per capsule. Since you only need to take one capsule per day, that’s less than a cup of coffee every day!

The once per day is very important. Since VesiSorb helps get a lot of coenzyme Q 10 into your system, you can get away with taking only one capsule every day! 

So, paying $1 per day or less may seem like a bargain, but it might not be if that brand is not getting the coenzyme Q 10 that you need into your system. 

Let’s put this another way. Buying paper towels in bulk is fine, but not the supplements you need to stay healthy. 


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