Fish Oil Products: 30% may have problems


A review last week (subscription required) from  found that up to 30% of fish oil supplements reviewed had various problems.

Some of the problems found included contamination, lack of product freshness, inaccurate labeling, and a lack of enteric coating when one claimed on the label:


Among the 35 products that selected for review, only 24 passed quality testing, meeting requirements for freshness and purity, and containing their claimed amounts omega-3 fatty acids, and with any enteric coatings performing properly…



English: Fish oil plant. Operated by Equateq, ...


For legal reasons, we cannot post the brands that did not pass testing. We will note that some of the brands that did not pass testing are very well-known brands. 

The key lesson, in our view, is that buying high-quality fish oil supplements at low cost is a difficult exercise. 

Interestingly, the report noted a few brands which have “Extremely High” concentrations of EPA/DHA, which are comparable to prescription fish oil products for heart disease. We also carry a brand which provides this benefit.

If you are interested in Fish Oil products, check out our informational page here.