Menopause: New Product Announcement

Here at WisdomAndHealth, we’re continuing our search for safe, simple supplements that work.

Today we added two new supplements that you, our customers, suggested to us! These are Menoease and Ultra-Menoease.

Both Menoease and Ultra-Menoease contain three well-known ingredients that help support women’s health during menopause.

First, both products contain soy. Now soy is interesting because it’s effectiveness in menopause is controversial. Some women swear by it, while other’s don’t.

Yet, there is no denying that it is very safe (it’s a bean, after all). And, there is quite a bit of science behind the use of soy for not only menopause, but also bone loss and other menopause-related symptoms.

Soybeans in a plantation

Soybeans just waiting to relieve your hot flashes!

Second, both Menoease and Ultra-Menoease contain black cohosh root. Now black cohosh is not without its controversy. Some suggest that it is totally useless in preventing menopause symptoms. The consensus view seems to be that women should try black cohosh for 3-6 months before giving up on it.
Lastly, both Menoease and Ultra-Menoease contain Red Clover, another good source of the isoflavones which are found in soy.

What’s the difference between Menoease and Ultra-Menoease?

Menoease contains 25 mg soy and 75 mg of black cohosh/red clover blend.

Ultra-Menoease contains 100 mg soy and 75 mg of black cohosh/red clover blend.

So, if you are suffering from menopause, and are afraid of taking those dangerous prescription hormones, try either of these products!