CoQ10: You get what you pay for

At WisdomAndHealth, we’ve been spending a great deal of time researching coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) to support our Ultra Coenzyme Q10 product launch. We’ve already published a few posts on CoQ10 side effects and CoQ10 benefits.

Cheap Store

You get what you pay for…

Not surprisingly, some of our competitor’s products are really cheap.

We’ve seen some brands selling 300 soft-gels for $30. That’s only 10 cents a soft-gel.


Well, you know the old maxim as well as I do…

You get what you pay for

For one particular brand, we looked closely at the inactive ingredients.

The primary inactive ingredient is rice bran oil.

Why is rice bran oil in there?

Rice bran oil is thought to be effective in reducing cholesterol. However, the amount of rice bran oil in a small capsule is unlikely to do much for your cholesterol.

We think this manufacturer is trying to increase the amount of CoQ10 that gets into the circulation by mixing it with an oil. (Remember, CoQ10 is very difficult to get into your blood stream after swallowing).

But, mixing rice bran oil (or any oil, for that matter) and coenzyme Q10 is not enough.

Capsule powder

There is little point in packing a capsule full of coenzyme Q 10 if it won’t get into your blood stream.

You need a soap-like substance for the coenzyme Q10 to dissolve in our intestines and get into our blood stream, where it can actually do some good.

So mixing coenzyme Q10 with oil simply won’t do.

So much for those CoQ10 benefits…

Worse still is another brand (actually, there are many who do this) which is coenzyme Q10 packed into an ordinary gelatin capsule.

Many of these brands will say their product is better because it’s “pure” coenzyme Q10.

Now having pure coenzyme Q10 is great. We’re all for using pure ingredients. However, having pure CoQ10 does not solve the key problem…getting enough coenzyme Q 10 into your bloodstream to actually have a benefit!

So any potential CoQ10 benefits are lost!

Again, you get what you pay for!

Probably the nuttiest idea we’ve seen is coenzyme Q 10 in liquid drops. According to the manufacturer, you add a few drops into your favorite food or drink, and your energy levels are “boosted.”


What little coenzyme Q10 that will actually dissolve in the drops (and we doubt very little will actually dissolve), will never get into your system.

Soft gels make the most sense

Soft gels that combine coenzyme Q 10 and a “soap” like lecithin are ideal. Why?

> Chewing the soft gel mixes the coenzyme Q 10 with the lecithin before swallowing

> Once swallowed, this mixes with the oils and fats in your intestines, getting the most CoQ10 from your intestines to your blood stream where it’s needed.

So, if you are taking a statin, or if you have heart disease, you should definitely take coenzyme Q 10. The proof is very strong that it helps.

BUT, taking some cheap coenzyme Q10 supplement from the supermarket shelf is a waste of money. Buy a quality, sophisticated product that will actually provide a benefit.

Remember, you get what you pay for!


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