Can Statins Cause Energy Loss?

Have you noticed a loss of energy since you started taking statins?

Have you reduced or eliminated your exercise program since you started taking statins?

Wouldn’t you like to stop taking your statin and control your cholesterol, without dangerous prescription drugs? 


Dear Statin Users, 

Your doctor has prescribed a statin, such as atorvastatin or rosuvastatin, to lower your LDL “bad” cholesterol. 

Have you found yourself with decreased energy since you started taking your statin? 

Do you find yourself exercising less (if at all) since you started taking your statin…even though you doctor recommends exercise to help reduce your cholesterol?

This is a real problem. 

Your statin may be causing you to have lower energy, which means you exercise less (if at all). 

This means you have lower chance of reducing your cholesterol without the statin, which means you’re on the statin longer…

In fact, if you read the statin label, it clearly says that is should be used with diet, exercise, and weight loss to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke…

How can you “reduce the risk” when you don’t have the energy to exercise? 

In fact, this creates a vicious cycle, where the LDL could remain high for a long time, increasing your risk for serious heart disease! vicious-ldl-cycle-low-q10.png

What is the solution?

Coenzyme Q 10, or CoQ10, is well-known “antidote” against the lack of energy caused by statins. 

CoQ10 is a substance found in every cell of the body. It is an important part of the process that converts food into energy. 

Our bodies make all of the CoQ10 that we need. So normally, we would not need to take a supplement. 

BUT, statins block the process our bodies use to make CoQ10!

So now we know why statins zap your energy…they block the process that makes CoQ10, so less food is converted to energy…less energy for you to exercise!

Yes, you can take CoQ10 supplements…but our formula is better.


One of the challenges with Coenzyme Q 10 is that is is difficult to get it into your system after swallowing. 

Taking CoQ10 with a fatty meal helps, but who should be eating fatty meals when on a statin? 


We have a better idea…

Our Ultra Coenzyme Q10 formula from Douglas Labs combines coenzyme Q 10 with a small amount of lecithin, a fat commonly found in many foods, such as chocolate, flours and doughs, and many others.

By combining coenzyme Q 10 with lecithin, you get more coenzyme Q 10 into your system…delivering the energy-boosting power you need to get that LDL back down, and get you back to a healthier you!coq10-pk.jpg

Proof? Ok. We have proof. 

Here is a graph from a study with the Ultra Coenzyme Q 10 product (Product A). What this clearly shows is that Ultra Coenzyme Q 10 achieves more CoQ10 in the blood versus other brands! 

More CoQ10 in your system = more energy = greater chance of reducing your LDL forever!

We want you to get back on your feet with the energy you need to conquer your LDL and get you off your statins forever. 

So, for a limited time, we’re offering the following:

Ultra Coenzyme Q10 at a special, introductory price of $64.95 per bottle of 30 soft-gels…that’s only $2 per soft-gel!

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I want as many of you as possible to start taking better control of your health and energy levels. 

I want you to have the energy to start exercising more so that you can lower your LDL and get off the statins entirely. 

However, we can’t make these special offers forever.

So please, act quickly…take control of your health again and get more energy and get off those statins for good. 

Ultra Coenzyme Q10 comes in bottles of 30, 60, and 90 chewable soft-gels. 

Each chewable soft-gel contains:

CoenzymeQ-10……………………………..200 mg    

Lecithin (from soy)…………………………100 mg

Dose: 1-2 gels per day

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.    

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