Skin Cream that HEALS wrinkles?

Most facial creams don’t work well, if at all.

I know why, and I can prove it.

Before getting into the proof, let me ask you a simple question.

How would you like to try to heal your facial wrinkles?

Yet, I said heal.

Impossible? Read on.

First, what causes a wrinkle anyway?

Many things cause wrinkles, such as sunlight, pollution, and not drinking enough water. Over time, these causes, plus gravity, cause wrinkles to develop.

The face is especially susceptible because it’s constantly exposed to the elements. Genetics also play a huge role in your wrinkle pattern.

Also, as we age, we produce less collagen, which results in wrinkle formation, especially where the skin is very thin, such as the skin around the eyes and lips.

So, to combat aging, we (both men and women), use facial cream.

But they don’t work. Every wonder why? I’ll give you two big reasons:

  • They consist of moisturizers, anti-oxidants, and maybe glycolic acid or a fruit acid to remove dead cells. That’s it. These are important, but do they heal wrinkles? No.
  • Collagen-based wrinkle creams don’t work because collagen is too large to pass through the skin to where it is needed. So does collagen in a facial cream heal wrinkles? No.

To work, a facial cream has to heal wrinkles from within, from the inside, not the outside.

Think of a wrinkle like a scrape. The antibiotic that we put on the cut helps keep it clean so that the skin can heal itself.

We don’t heal the cut. Our own bodies do this.

So how can we heal a wrinkle?

What we need is a facial cream with a “secret” ingredient that convinces the skin to heal itself.

This is exactly what we now have!

Thanks to a small company right here in the US, we can now make available to you this revolutionary facial cream that can actually heal facial wrinkles, moisturize the skin, and also help remove old, dead skin cells.

There’s simply nothing else like this available…no, it’s not sold in stores!

Twenty year-old fashion models don’t have wrinkles.

Ever notice that facial creams are promoted by 20-something models who don’t need the wrinkle cream in the first place….with a lot of hype and superlatives and no actual scientific proof other than a few pictures?

We have a better idea.

For only ~$1 a day, you can have fewer wrinkles and healthier-looking skin, or your money back.

Introducing Skin Renewal Anti-Aging Facial Cream, the best facial skin-renewal-cream.jpgcream available today. Period.

How can we make such a statement?

At WisdomAndHealth, we pride ourselves in being very selective about the products we well. We only sell products that have a great deal of evidence that they actually work. Just ask anyone who has used Tush MD, Traumeel, BioFreeze, and other fine products that we carry.

Skin Renewal is unlike any other facial cream because it contains a amazingly powerful secret ingredient…an ingredient that comes from bread yeast.

Bread yeast?

Yes! Bread yeast!

You see, bread yeast contains a sugar called 1,3/1,6 beta glucan, or, beta glucan for short. This simple sugar has some amazing properties.

But the one property that interests us is its ability to stimulate the skin to promote healing.

So, while pharmaceutical companies are exploring the use of beta glucan to heal serious wounds, Skin Renewal was developed to heal facial wrinkles.

How does this sugar actually work?

Beta glucan penetrates the skin and wakes up the immune system just below the surface of the skin. It then triggers a special kind of cell (called a Langerhans Cell) to promote the production of collagen below the skin.

So, by triggering your skin to produce collagen, your wrinkles are healed!

There is a ton of research demonstrating this, and some is described in a patent (US Patent #5,702,719).

You have nothing to lose…but the wrinkles!

We’re so confident that our Skin Renewal Anti-Aging Cream will help you heal those wrinkles, that we’re offering a special offer for a very limited time.

Simply try our Skin Renewal Anti-Aging Cream for 30 days. Give it a sincere try.

If after 30 days, you’re not happy with the results, simply return the used jar and we’ll refund your purchase price. 

At only ~$1 per day, it’s really a great opportunity to really heal those wrinkles. We could probably sell it for a higher price. But, we’re keeping the price low so that as many women as possible can try this great product.

Try our Skin Renewal Anti-Aging facial cream with it’s secret ingredient from bread, and start looking younger today! 

For a limited time, we are offering free shipping…but only while supplies last!

So click here and start looking younger today!


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