Why your wrinkle cream doesn’t work

We spent a great deal of time researching and evaluating wrinkle creams and face creams before settling on our Skin Renewal Anti-Aging Cream. One of the interesting things we learned is that wrinkle creams don’t really work well.

They might work as moisturizers, and they might help remove dead skin cells. But they really can’t eliminate

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Does this goop really work?


The reason for this is actually quite simple. The reality is that facial wrinkles are caused by a number of factors, such as:

  • Exposure to sun
  • Smoking
  • Pollution
  • Reduces collagen production as we age
  • Reduced elastin production as we age
  • Genetic factors

That’s quite the list!

This is why wrinkle cream makers go through such lengths to convince you that their wrinkle cream actually works. For example, they these supposed before/after pictures that are likely, shall we say, edited. Or, they use pictures of 20-somethings who are too young to have wrinkles in the first place.

How silly.

Most wrinkle creams contain three basic ingredients:

  1. Moisturizers, usually in the form of light oils, to prevent water vapor from leaving the skin
  2. Mild acids, like glycolic acids or fruit acids, to help remove dead skin cells from the surface
  3. Anti-oxidants to help fight against oxidation and pollution
Some may also contain sunscreens, which makes a great deal of sense, since that directly protects against sun-induced wrinkles.
You’re wondering about collagen? Collagen is simply too large to get through the skin to replace the collagen you are no longer producing.

BUT, none of these ingredients actually heal wrinkles.

That’s right. We said heal.

That’s the key.

Our Skin Renewal Anti-Aging Cream works because it contains an ingredient that “tells” the cells in the dermis layer of your skin to wake up and start healing the skin surface.

This formula has been tried in cases of “real” wounds, and it works great. While more research is underway, this same ingredient is now available in a skin cream to heal wrinkles.

There’s simply nothing else like it.

So, can you wrinkle cream do this?