Something is fishy with this fish oil supplement

We recently saw an ad for a fish oil product sold by a major pharmacy chain that said “…cloudiness is normal, and reflects the natural components in fish oil.”


I’m holding a Quell Fish Oil gelcap. No cloudiness here!

Your fish oil supplement should NEVER be cloudy.

It should have an amber-orange-yellow color to it. This is from the gel cap. If you were to pop the gelcap open, you will find that the oil ranges from a light yellow to colorless.

There are two reasons why a fish oil product will be cloudy:

1. Impurities

2. Product was exposed to an extreme temperature, especially cold, during shipping.

There is a reason why the big chains and supermarkets can sell their supplements at such low prices. They’re cheap products! And then people wonder if they’re doing any good…

Our advice is very simple. You get what you pay for. Stick with solid brands like our Quell line. At least you’ll know that you’re getting the purest fish oil possible.


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