Why we don’t like Dr Oz

Actually, we don’t have anything Dr Oz, personally. But, one has to recognize that he works on television, and television is about ratings, and not what is best for you and your health.

We say this because of a recent segment he prepared for his TV show entitled, “Who’s Spiking Your Supplements?” In the segment, he purchases supplements in New York City, only to “find” that a few of them are adulterated.

The fact is that the adulterated ones were already known to the Food and Drug Administration, and have been dealt with according to Federal Law.

In other words, he got his hands on products which were adulterated, then “found them” and reported the “scandal” on TV.

Not nice, Dr. Oz.

The facts are:

Dietary supplements are safe and fully regulated under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). For example, FDA requires a pre-market safety notification process for any new dietary ingredient (NDI) meant to be marketed in a supplement. In addition, manufacturing facilities much be registered with FDA and any claims, specifically structure/function or health claims, about supplements must be submitted to FDA with a copy of the product label. Claims that are not truthful and misleading can result in regulatory action from either FDA or FTC. 

We also find that other doctors who make product recommendations and who then sell their own brand are not acting in the best interest of the consumer or patient. Can you imagine discussing your medical condition with Dr Smith or Dr Jones, only to have these doctors recommend “Dr Smith’s Magic Pills” or “Dr Jones’ Pain Reliever?” Yet this is exactly what we see online and on television.
Credit to Dr Oz for not marketing his own line of products. His credibility would definitely be completely lost if he ever did that. But articles like “Foods that Starve Cancer” still give us a great deal of concern.
At WisdomAndHealth, we’re proud to say that we have no such biases. We only consider what is best for your health and your particular condition. Take a look at our back pain section, for example. We offer cushions, pain relieving gels, ointments and patches, and oral tablets for pain and inflammation.
Why do we have a mixture of products?
Because we recognize that everyone’s condition is different, and that no single product will help everyone. Plus, as pharmacists, we have no biases about one brand or type of treatment over another.
If a cushion helps your back pain, then you may not need to take a pain reliever. If this happens, then our mission of providing you with unbiased information and products has been accomplished.
This is also why we will NEVER private label. How can we be unbiased while at the same time offer you our own brand! Actually, there is one particular product that we may private label in the future…a melatonin spray for sleep. But that’s only because we have not found a good melatonin product that we like. That may change in the future. We’ll see.
Regardless, our mission is very clear…to provide you with health information and products that you can trust, in an unbiased manner, with the purpose of promoting your health and wellbeing.
Rest assured that no medical wizard will make us change our philosophy. 
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