Hemorrhoids…a huge problem

While it’s sometimes easy for hemorrhoids to be something to joke about, the prevalence of this condition is astounding. 

Using admittedly old data (from 1992), the CDC estimates that ~13% of US adults have hemorrhoids. That’s roughly 30 million adults in the US. 30 million!

To put that 13% figure in context, that’s roughly the same prevalence as much more serious diseases like cancer, coronary heart disease, and asthma (see, for example, McCarty, et al, 2007)

To our knowledge, there is only one prescription product being developed specifically for hemorrhoids, but that will likely take years before it becomes available. Besides, who wants to use a prescription medication when there are safer options available, like Tush MD?  

Ok, so we’re biased. But we’re biased because we use Tush MD routinely. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful, safe, fiber-based product. 

So if you’re one of the 13%, give Tush MD a try.