Why shop with WisdomAndHealth?

If there is a single word that epitomizes who we are and what we are about, it is trust.

At WisdomAndHealth, we are not bound by any contracts or other obligations to sell any particular brand or product. We carry what we carry because:

a) Our customers like these products; or

b) We like these products, and want to share them with you.

This is a big reason why we do not manufacture and sell products under our own private label. If we had our own label, it would be in our financial best interest to market that product. But what if that product was not in YOUR best interest? We would be unable to recommend a better product if one existed.

That’s not what we are about.

For example, we carry and sell the BioFreeze line of topical pain relievers. We like BioFreeze, and many of our customers do as well. In our offices, we have a box full of other brands of menthol-based products that we’ve tried. So far, we haven’t found one that we like as much as BioFreeze.

These other products either smell too strong, or make outlandish claims on the label, or have other issues that we don’t feel comfortable with.

However, if something better than BioFreeze comes along, we’ll carry that as well. And, we’ll tell you why we think that other product is better than BioFreeze.

Again, we have no obligations to sell anything…only the best products we can find.

Over the past few months, we have received product ideas from you, our customers. A few of them have made their way to our store. Longvida RD was one such product. So was the Chiroflow Waterbase pillow. Keep your ideas coming! We love to learn about the products you like.

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