Natural Pain Relief

Many of you come to WisdomAndHealth looking for ideas and products for pain relief. In fact, our article on sciatic pain is one of our most popular pages. 

We also have folks buying our comfy pillows not only for sleep, but also to help deal with neck and back pain. 

But what if you need a bit more help dealing with pain?

Oh sure, you can use the over-the-counter pain relievers. But who wants to deal with an upset stomach? Who wants to worry about their aspirin causing bleeding ulcers?

Have you ever considered an herbal remedy for pain relief? 

We offer you an alternative to the over-the-counter and dangerous prescription drugs…our Traumeel line of oral tablets, cream, and gel. 

Traumeel oral tablets hel104-traumeel-tabs-27719-zoom.gif

Traumeel is an all natural pain reliever that has been available in Europe for 60 years. It is a natural blend of plant and herbal extracts, and used for the treatment of muscle pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and other minor pain and inflammation.

Traumeel Topical Pain Relief

These same all-natural pain relievers are also available in Traumeel gel and Traumeel ointment. Both are handy ways to deal with arthritis pain in joints, hips, and withlower back pain.


The gel and the ointment are the perfect compliments to the oral tablets.hel10150gm-traumeel-gel50g.gif


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