How to mail a donut


Donut pillow, that is. 

Many of you who have purchased donut pillows from us have noted that we use these white bags for mailing. Our friends in the shipping industry call them “White Poly Courier Mailers.” For donut cushions, they are perfect because:

  1. They are very light, so they add little to the shipping cost
  2. They protect the contents from moisture
  3. They do not tear easily

The bottom line is that these “bags” are an inexpensive way to mail an item like a donut pillow which does not require a lot of protection. For other products, like our Chiroflow Water Pillows, a sturdier mailer, such as a cardboard box, is needed. 

Either way, we try to use the lightest, strongest, lowest cost products to ship our products to you. If you have suggestions, let us know!