Will BioFreeze Help My Sciatica?

Boy, we get this question a lot. BioFreeze 3 ounce roll on

The honest answer is that we just don’t know.

BioFreeze is indicated for:

Temporary relief from minor aches and pains…

Now as anyone with sciatica will tell you, sciatic pain can be far from minor. However, ice is certainly one of the ways we recommend to treat sciatic pain. So in that sense, BioFreeze may help. But we can’t definitely tell you one way or another, as we’re all different.

Our recommendation is to at least try it. BioFreeze is not very expensive. In fact, the roll on version will enable you to apply it right where it hurts, while minimizing the amount of product used. So the bottle will last longer.

Just be careful if you decide to use BioFreeze and a heating pad. We do not recommend that you use BioFreeze and a heating pad together. We recommend waiting a few hours after applying BioFreeze before using a heating pad.

Does BioFreeze help with your sciatica? Let us know and share your experience with us!