The Search Continues

Several weeks ago, we described in detail some of the product opportunities that we are exploring with  How is it going, you ask?

Eye Health – There are some really interesting studies taking place, looking at how various vitamins and minerals can promote eye health, and possibly slow the development of certain eye diseases. We’re continuing to examine these studies in order to find the best combination product possible.

Sleep – We remain convinced that the best way to improve our sleep is with a good mattress and a really good pillow. Many of you are agreeing with us apparently, as we have been having trouble keeping our water pillows in stock! We’re also looking at a number of melatonin products, especially sprays and rapid-dissolving tablets.

Pain – The response to Traumeel has been pretty good, and BioFreeze continues to fly off our shelves (especially the roll on). We’re still looking at various we’re looking at Curcumin supplements for Irritable Bowel Disease, plus a few others.

Hemorrhoids – The response to Tush MD has been great. Thank you! We’re glad that you think this is a really good, simple product that compliments our donut pillows. We would really like to find a good topical product to compliment Tush MD for those occasions when a topical product makes sense, such as for acute flare ups.

So there you have it! We’ve made some good progress. But, we pride ourselves on being very choosy. So products without good data and with questionable quality simply won’t be of interest to us. Stay tuned for new product announcements very soon!