In Search Of…

In the late 70’s, Leonard Nimoy starred in In Search Of…, a fascinating (and sometimes scary, like the Bigfoot Episode) TV documentary show. At WisdomAndHealth, we’re carrying out our own search…for products! We’re focused on four specific areas:

Eye Health – There have been some exciting developments in the world of oral dietary supplements for the maintenance of eye health. A number of companies have come forward and developed various blends of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants specifically for eye health. However, precious few of these products have any sort of quality or other data to make us comfortable enough to make them available to you. A few formulas look very good, but their dosing (four times a day) or cost (some >$60 per month!) are problematic. Nevertheless, the search goes on, and once we find a really good product at a reasonable price, we’ll let you know.

Sleep – We’ve discussed sleep products before. But this time, we’re looking for an oral product to compliment our fine selection of pillows. We like melatonin, but we’re coming to the conclusion that the most useful product would be an oral spray that enables melatonin to be rapidly absorbed at bedtime. We’ve seen a few, but they lack the other ingredients to help get enough melatonin into the circulation to be effective. Again, the search continues….

Pain and Inflammation – We love Traumeel! It’s a surprisingly good pain reliever. As someone who has been in the pharmaceutical industry for years, I was really surprised to learn how well Traumeel works, and without the stomach irritation. Along these lines, we’re looking at other products for pain and inflammation. Curcumin supplements for Irritable Bowel Disease is an area of focus, and there are a few others that we are studying closely.

Hemorrhoids – Many of you come to to buy our donut pillows. These are a great way to deal with hemorrhoids without medication. Plus, there are over the counter products to deal with this painful condition. However, many of you have told us that the cheap products available in grocery stores are not effective, or their efficacy does not last for very long. We hear you, and we’re looking for a good product for you. We think that a combination of an oral product and a gel (applied directly where needed) would be good. We found a few, but again the data were not convincing.

So there you have it. These are four areas where we are actively searching for really good, safe, effective products at reasonable prices. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!