Acai berry ? – No thank you

At WisdomAndHealth, we’ve constantly looking for high nutritional and dietary supplements that can enhance our health. One group of products that we have examined is the acai berry containing products.

Acai berry pulp is believed to have properties that can help with weight loss. Scattered reports in the literature suggest that acai berry – containing products are effective:

In this uncontrolled pilot study, consumption of açai fruit pulp reduced levels of selected markers of metabolic disease risk in overweight adults, indicating that further studies are warranted.

Other reports suggest that acai berry capsules and “colon cleansers” combined cause dramatic reductions in weight loss.

It’s not for us to say whether or not acai berry products will work for you. However, we have our concerns:

Lack of Evidence – Acai berries, like many other berries and fruits, are packed with antioxidants. There are certainly benefits to taking antioxidants, but the link between acai berry and weight loss remains uncertain .

Quality Concerns – There have been scattered reports of manufacturing and quality issues with acai berry containing products. We link to one particular one, but there have been others.

Harmful? – We are not saying that acai berry products are harmful. In fact, fruit extracts and other natural remedies are typically very safe to consume as a dietary supplement. However, when a product becomes wildly popular, all sorts of sloppy companies enter the market, producing products that contain no acai berry extract at all. In fact, at least one purported acai berry product caused substantial harm in one individual.

At this point, we just don’t feel comfortable recommending any acai berry-containing products. There are unquestionably some high quality, highly competent manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutritionals who also happen to make acai berry containing products. However, the lack of evidence linking acai berry and weight loss gives us reason to stay away, at least for now.

If anyone has evidence to the contrary, please let us know!