Do Dietary Supplements Really Work?

Do dietary supplements, or nutraceuticals, or herbal medicines, or other non-prescription products like this really work to treat or even prevent disease?

It is unfortunate that the dietary supplement industry is full of products with outrageous claims of curing various diseases and maladies. Witness, for example, the number of benefits supposedly attributed to various berry-containing products. Many products have no evidence based clinical trials supporting their health claims. And if they do, they are based on animal data, or on really good marketing without rigorous studies supporting their health claims. is owned and operated by a team of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. We are trained to read, review, and evaluate real, evidence based clinical trials. We fully understand terms such as Phase II and Phase III, clinical pharmacology, and drug interactions. So for us to even consider selling any dietary supplement, we need to see good clinical data supporting the product’s claims.

So, do dietary supplements really work? There are three possible answers:

No – Unfortunately, there are a lot of dietary supplement products that have no evidence supporting their health claims. We won’t discuss specific examples here (mainly because our lawyers won’t let us!). But, rest assured that if we don’t think they work, we won’t sell these products.

Yes – There are a small number of dietary supplements that work. We know this because their claims are supported by clinical data. Now this is typically not enough to gain FDA approval and prescription status. However, it is usually enough to convince us that there may be a benefit for you.

Maybe – We should rephrase the question…”Will this specific dietary supplement work for me ?” Now that is impossible for us to answer. We are all different, and we all react to medicines and foods and dietary supplements differently. So even if we find a dietary supplement with solid clinical data, your unique health and medical situation may determine whether or not a particular dietary supplement will work for you.

Our general advice is, before buying any dietary supplement, please gather all the information you can find and make an informed decision, preferably in conjunction with your doctor or other health care providor.

So, if we carry a dietary supplement on our web site, rest assured that:

  • The product will have clinical data with specific health claims
  • We will review and share and explain the evidence based clinical data with you
  • We will always encourage you to let your health care providor that you are taking a dietary supplement
  • We will point out any safety concerns we have with a particular product

We continue our search for ideal products that meet our high standards for any health claims made by any dietary supplements we carry at